Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advances

We live in a world where small businesses have a hard time getting loans from banks. This is why LendC gives you access to two types of funding: Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advance.

Business Loans

A business cash advance involves an agreement between a business and a financial organization, like LendC’s funding partners, to lend money. The best way for a business to raise their capitals is to borrow money. This allows them to finance the purchase of assets and fund their business’s various operations.

The borrowed funds have to be paid back and the interest charges repaid. What makes a business loan at LendC better than everyone else is that our funding partners do not put your business’s stake on the line. You retain full ownership, which makes this way of borrowing a better option when compared to traditional banking loans like equity financing.

However, at LendC, we make things a lot easier for you as our funding partners do not make their loaning decisions based on personal credit, but rather they make these decisions based on your business revenue. This allows funding for your business to occur as soon as 24 hours, and the funds ready in as soon as a few days.

Merchant Cash Advance

Another option offered by LendC’s funding partners is merchant cash advance. This form of loan allows businesses to access money for their unexpected expenses, expansions or for any future operations. Cash Advance is not a loan. It is a sale agreement between the financial organization and the client where the client agrees to receive a certain amount of money and in return the financer gets a portion of the businesses’ future debit or credit card sales. For example, the financer may pay $15,000 up front for the right to get paid $20,000 in return.

The benefits of Merchant Cash Advance when compared to traditional bank loans are as follows:

  • Easy Application
  • Collections Based on Revenue
  • Seamless Collections Process
  • No Collateral or Credit at Stake
  • Faster Access to Cash
  • Higher Approval Rates

Merchant cash advance is the best way for small business owners to finance their business’s capital in order for them to grow. At LendC, we make sure that you are not underwritten in the way banks have been traditionally doing for a long time. Instead, we look at your business and at the different aspects of your company, such as the monthly income, how long have you been running the business and more importantly the revenue generated through credit card sales.

Once you have been paid, you don’t have to worry about writing checks every month and sending them to our financers. Instead, LendC will draw a specific percentage of your daily credit card sales till the agreed upon cash-return has been paid. We draw a manageable percentage as this allows our financers to only get paid if you are getting paid. You don’t have to pay a static amount. If you make more money in a day, our financers get more. If you make less, they get paid less too as the percentage remains the same!

This way, the funder gets repaid directly and how they get repaid is directly linked with the rising and falling tides of your business’ revenue.