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LendC – Bringing together small businesses and lenders for small business loans

LendC  is a service that offers businesses a the best opportunity for business funding.


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Through our service, you have the chance to be matched to multiple lenders by completing one simple application.


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LendC makes funding quick and easy. We only make money when you get your loan.


Who Are We

At LendC, we aim to provide financing consulting solutions catered to smaller business that requires a little nudge to get them started on the right track. We realize that the American business industry requires a strong financial backbone in order to thrive. These businesses are the heart of the United States workforce and we make sure LendC and its funding partners are there to provide the funding you need for your business.

We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to quickly analyze our client’s businesses and their performances. LendC does not focus on credit score, which is why unlike traditional banks who give you a NO, our funding partners say YES. It is our passion to facilitate in lending a helping hand to millions of small businesses so they can thrive and strengthen the American economy. We are a team of dedicated staff of funding advisors who are always ready and willing to help you out.

Why We Do What We Do

At LendC, we realize that you have worked hard to get your business started. Chances are you had limited funds and could have achieved more if you had access to more capital. Whatever your needs are, it can be new more experienced staff, more money for expansion or funds for extra marketing, small businesses can benefit a lot with extra finances.

To help such businesses, LendC was created to give such business a helping and lending hand. We know you can become great, which is why our funding partners offer financial lending services like Business Cash Advance and Merchant Cash Advance, and we are there to help consult you on the path to success.

We have made application processing easier by knocking down unnecessary barriers and streamlining the qualification requirements. With our vast network of funding partners who specialize in helping smaller businesses, together we aim to realize the opportunities that can lead your business to success.

At LendC, we have a simple mission, to allow funding access to business owners based on the strength of their business. We succeed where banks fail! Our methods succeed where traditional banking methods fail! We are always on the lookout for new and better ways to help the businessman or businesswoman so we can help your business towards success.

We realize that it is important to have a good working partner and we ensure that our funding partners will provide the working capital which can be the key to your business’s success.

We Help Make Your Good Business a Great Business