Can I re-access this working capital at any time?

This is a merchant/business cash advance, so no, you cannot.

Do you charge an application fee?

No, we do not charge any application fee for a Merchant Cash Advance with LendC.

How can I use my funds?

You can use them for whatever you need. It’s your money and we don’t want to limit your growth or success in any way. You can use the money to buy equipment, repair machineries, buy more inventory, invest in extra marketing, remodeling the premises, it’s entirely up to you how to best utilize the funds.

How do I know how much I can qualify for?

At LendC, we realize that every business is unique. This makes it hard for us to give you an exact estimate, to tell you exactly what your business could qualify for right now. However, we look into the history of your credit card sales which can be of great help in determining how much you qualify for. All you have to do is call our customer support teams and they will help you figure it out!

How do I make the repayments?

The best part about repayments through LendC, you don’t have to set one specific payment amount! Unlike traditional business loans, there is no set monthly payment that is due, regardless of how your business is doing. We collect a manageable percentage of your credit card sales on a daily basis depending on how your sales went. If they are good, a good amount comes our way, if they are less, we get less too!

Read more on our Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advance page .

How is a Merchant Cash Advance different from a business loan?

There are various differences, some of them being that a Merchant Cash Advance is easier and faster to get when compared to a traditional business loan.

How is my information used at LendC?

Please go through our Privacy Policy as it gives you more details on how LendC uses your information. Primarily, we use your information to find the right funding options for you.

Is my information secure at LendC?

We assure you that your information is secure. Whenever there is any sensitive information, we use 128-bit encryption to transmit. This ensures that all of your personal information is secure and safe.

Is there any specific businesses LendC works with?

We provide funding to over 400 industries across all states.

My personal credit is not great. Will this hurt my chances of being approved?

That does not matter as much because our financial partners will focus on your business when deciding whether to fund you or not. Unlike a traditional bank loan, your personal credit history does not play a major role in the decision.

What are some minimum qualifications?

While we are fairly flexible, a few primary qualifications are:

  • At least three months of credit card transactions (sales)
  • Your business must not be home-based
What if I want to pay this off early?

That’s great for everyone! We don’t charge any penalties for prepayment.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Good question! We tell everything there is to know on our Merchant Cash Advance page! Click here to read the details.

Why come to LendC and not a traditional bank?

The most important thing, unlike these traditional banks, LendC will not complicate the process of receiving funds. It is next to impossible to qualify for a loan at banks whereas LendC offers some major advantages, such as:

  • More funding options
  • Faster, simpler and more secure application process
  • A choice of repayment methods catered to your business
  • LendC gets your funds within days rather than weeks or months